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Windows vs Linux

3 Reasons Why Linux Is Better than Windows

​People get confused when it comes to make a choice between Windows or Linux as host operating system in both server and desktop spaces. Most of the time, they will focus on aspects such as cost, functionality provided, hardware compatibility, support, reliability, security, pre-built software, cloud-readiness etc. In this regard, we will cover three reasons of using Linux over Windows.

Guaranteed Freedom

Linux can be installed and used as a desktop, firewall, or a server. Linux allows a user to control every aspect of the operating systems. As Linux is an open-source operating system, it allows a user to modify its source itself as per the user requirements. Linux allows the user to install only the desired software nothing else. Linux allows full freedom to install open source applications from its vast repository. Windows will bore you with its default desktop theme whereas with Linux you can choose from many desktop themes available or not even use one.

Linux is everywhere

Yes, Linux is everywhere. From largest supercomputers to smallest device, Linux is everywhere. It can be a car, a router, a phone, a plane, a TV, a watch or a school tablet, medical devices, satellites, don’t worry! Linux will be there.
Linus Torvalds, the inventor of Linux, would not have imagined about this kind of success when he was writing the Linux kernel. Thanks to this awesome guy and many others for their contribution.

Annoying crashes and reboots

This is the best reason. There are times when Windows suddenly starts showing annoying messages saying like the machine needs to be restarted or completely unworthy updates, security, definition, update rollup, service pack, tool, feature pack. I did not remember how many times my Windows rebooted last time to apply an update.

Linux systems on the other hand, don’t generally need a reboot when undergoing a software update or installing/uninstalling. Most of the system configuration changes can be done while the system is up.


As the saying goes – variety is the spice of life. It is true with respect to Linux distributions. There are more than 600 active different distributions to choose from. Each is different on its own and meant for a specific purpose.

The above reasons mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more than you could with Linux. Linux is powerful, flexible, secure, reliable, stable, fun… than Windows. One should always keep in mind that – free is not the best just like expensive is not the best. Linux will undoubtedly emerge as the winner when all aspects are considered. There is no reason why you would not choose Linux over Windows. Let me know your thoughts how you feel about Linux.

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